What to Expect

A powerful shift in how you see your child.

More compassionate and patience for your child's struggles.

An understanding of your child's Soul Fever and how best to respond.

Hands on practice with a transformational exercise you can repeat on your own.

The 1 hour class encapsulates years of wisdom.

Enjoy a safe space to reflect and plan for how you want to BE amidst chaotic situations and big feelings.

Reframe how you see your upset child. Visualize the wonder of your child.

Become less frustrated and more patient with your child no matter how defiant, obnoxious and negative they may come across.

May you generously give yourself this contemplation of empathy and acceptance for the health of your family.


The Compassionate Response Meditation Workshop

Glimpse the good in your struggling spicy child again.

This self-paced recorded workshop is for you if:

  • you are committed to setting aside one precious hour of child-free time to complete the perspective shifting exercises provided here
  • you want to grow your compassion and patience for your child

**Recording is good for 3 months after purchase. After 90 days, your access expires**

What other parents

who purchased this course are saying:

"Thank you so much for this workshop! I literally started crying halfway through the meditation, then started bawling as I held both versions of my child in my heart. I've held such resistance to my child's big negative feelings while embracing his big positive feelings, and am realizing that that child is one and the same and worthy of embrace in all versions of himself. Thank you again for the work you're doing!" - Stefanie

“Just finished watching the compassionate response meditation. I was so engaged that I found myself giving your video a thumbs up to respond to questions. 😂😂 It was powerful to take time to steep in the knowledge of my golden child and my soul fevered child — you know, to really sit with it. I wept while holding soul fevered child close in my meditation. Committing here to do this five more times this week!” - Kristin 

"Because of you, I've become more aware of my parenting, and able to be less on auto pilot or reactionary during difficult times. … it's a win to give myself more grace and to just observe and learn from those times, instead of only feeling bad that they happened." - Sarah

“Just bought/ finished your meditation... SO GOOD!! I noticed several areas where I can show myself more compassion AS WELL AS my soul-fevered child 🙌🏽 I’m going to practice while I’m calm so I’m prepared when I’m not!

My little guy had an awful day and this was the BEST reset for ME in order to start tomorrow off MUCH BETTER! Thank you! THANK YOU!! 😊💜” - Jessica

“Hello! I just finished it on our way home from a road trip amidst sibling warfare in the backseat! I was able to apply this technique right away! 😄 What a difference in my usual response of frustration to a compassionate response of understanding. It diffused the tension so much faster and without the usual collateral damage…me apologizing for losing it, etc.

Also, pulling in the soul fever child and embracing this side of him was weirdly comforting and empowering to me. I realized I am completely equipped to handle this side of my children. I often feel unequipped in the intense moments, but in this calm state I can see clearly I am completely able to handle it. I’ve been meditating for years and I’m so excited to focus in on this specific issue. I’m going to practice each morning before I get out of bed. A great way to get ready for a summer day full of mommy-and-me time! Thank you!!!” - Shannon 

"This was so helpful . I did the meditation twice on my own so far. Had successes being compassionate in a soul fever moment today. 🙌🏻 this is going to be a game changer for me -I can already tell. Practicing in the calm moments so I can be ready in the chaos 🤯" - Christina 

“From the very beginning prayer to set the stage -thank you for that, I was immediately able to set my mind in the right place. It was full of good parenting advice nuggets in a short period of time. I loved at the end of the mediation when you put your hands together and reminded us “both” of those children make up the whole beautiful child and then folding them into your heart 😭❤️ full disclosure, I cried.” - Sarah

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Mary Van Geffen

I’m the parenting coach for overwhelmed moms of strong-willed & spicy children. I help moms gain confidence to choose gentle, respectful parenting especially if you weren’t raised that way. 

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While I am a certified Simplicity Parenting Counselor® and Professional Co-Active Coach® my greatest achievement, is cultivating a calm, kind and firm relationship with my spirited go-getter daughter (now 16), polar-opposite introverted son (14) and un-Enneagramable hubby.

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