You can feel it... the next stage of parenthood is coming.

You can see teenage-hood on the horizon. Everywhere you turn, people warn you, "it’s going to be tough!"

You want to be prepared rather than just reacting. You want to be hopeful.

But if you are honest, you have some fears. 

>> FEAR that you haven't prepared them enough for all the dangers of drugs, alcohol, internet bullying, porn, unwanted sexual contact, etc.

>> FEAR that you won't know what to do with their drama because your mom wasn't able to understand you when you were their age.

>> FEAR that you'll lose your influence on them and they'll turn into some unrecognizable eye-rolling, rude jerk because they got swept up into a bad crowd.

>> FEAR that they will pull away from you and the closeness you share is coming to an end.

Your snuggly child is leaving the warm safe bubble of your home and you aren't sure how to protect them. 

More than ever, you need community and advice from other parents who have navigated the mood swings, risky behavior, and attitude everyone says comes with teenagers. 

Now that the Mommy and Me playdates have dried up, the schedule is packed with activities and your child is requesting more privacy surrounding their personal challenges, making connections with other moms feels much harder than it used to be.

You need wisdom from someone who’s used gentle parenting skills with real live young adults.

You don't need to give up hope for a calm, connected relationship with your changing child!

Sit down with your Big Sister from the Internet to gain some hopeful perspective and learn tips for supporting these miraculous and messy humans!

In this one-hour workshop, I cover...

>> An overview of developmental stages of teens and parents so you know what’s normal.

>> Communication tips so your child can actually hear you and will keep talking to you even when you don't like what you are hearing. 

>> A plan to deal with your child's more disrespectful moments.

>> How to be a safe place for the big feelings and hard times.

>> How to figure out when to let go and when it's important to hold tight. 


This workshop is most helpful for…

1) Parents of 10-12 year-olds who are wondering how to transition to this next parenting stage.

2) Parents of 13-15 year-olds who have faithfully practiced gentle parenting throughout the elementary years, but are struggling to make the shift needed to show up well for this next stage.


Heads Up: If you are brand-new to the idea of responsive, respectful parenting, welcome!! Please note that I will not cover the foundational concepts of gentle parenting during this workshop. If your child is already over 12 years old and your gentle parenting journey is just beginning, this class will not be as comprehensive as you will need to support your young adult.

about your instructor

Mary Van Geffen

Hello! I’m Mary - the international parenting coach for overwhelmed moms of strong-willed & spicy children. 

I help parents gain confidence to choose gentle, respectful discipline especially if they weren’t raised that way. 

My day job is coaching parents on how to be more confident and connected to their children. 

My true ministry, though, is on Instagram where I post encouraging parenting tips every single day. My posts will help you delight in your child and remember that you are enough.

I believe that when a mom like you realizes how hard she is on herself, she cracks the door open for some self-compassion. Then her entire family is bathed in light! 

I’m a certified Simplicity Parenting Counselor® and Professional Co-Active Coach® but my greatest achievement, is cultivating a calm, kind and firm relationship with my spirited go-getter daughter (now 16), polar-opposite introverted son (14) and un-Enneagram-able hubby.

What other parents are saying about my classes:

"The tools you’ve taught me will be invaluable to my mental health and the atmosphere of our home. I feel more hopeful about motherhood today than I have in a very long time."

- Jessica

"This class was fantastic. It was bite size information that was edible. I learned great things today!! I needed it!"

- Mindy

"Mary, I cannot stop thinking about that class! I put finding you on my list called 'Things I’m So Glad I Get to Experience In My Lifetime.' "

- Rachel

"I don't know a single person who wouldn't benefit from this!"


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Now... Exhale.

You're one step closer to more cooperation and connection in your home.