Is the fighting driving you insane?

Do your children complain that you love one of them more?

Are there too many mean words, bickering about who got more, and arguing over the silliest things?

If like me, you grew up WITHOUT a healthy example of how siblings can be supported, it can feel hopeless.

BUT, there's a quick way to grow your sibling parenting skills.

Parenting Siblings School is a 2-part course offering real solutions for creating a more peaceful home.

Curriculum designed for parents of toddlers, preschoolers and elementary schoolers

Part 1 available now for immediate watching!

Part 2 offered LIVE Sat 9/11, from 8:30-9:30am PST

Can't make it? No problem! Tuition includes access to each 1-hour recording for 1 year

Part One: How to Create a Peaceful Sibling Culture

Recording Available Immediately

  • Treat jealousy, constant bickering, mean words & tattling with confidence
  • End the "you love her more!" complaint once and for all
  • Learn when to step in

Part Two: How to Address A Sibling Conflict

Saturday, September 11 | 8:30am PST

  • Learn the blueprint for positive conflict resolution
  • Help kids set boundaries & hear each other's point of view even when their skills, ages and personalities are very different
  • Become the calmest one in the room

Course Cost


Parenting Siblings School - Part 1 & Part 2

2 Foundational 1-hour classes, includes access to each recording for one year

  • Part One: Creating a Peaceful Sibling Culture - Available to watch immediately
  • Part Two: How to Address a Sibling Conflict - 9/11 @ 8:30-9:30am PST

Now... Exhale.

You're one step closer to supporting a peaceful and positive sibling relationship.

What fellow parents are saying

"I have been implementing changes in my responses and thinking from your curriuclum and I can feel a change in our relationship for the better. So thank you so much! I no longer feel a failure as a parent, or so alone. You are doing incredible things for parents out there, and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you." - Vicki

"Because of you, I've become more aware of my parenting, and able to be less on auto pilot or reactionary during difficult times. … it's a win to give myself more grace and to just observe and learn from those times, instead of only feeling bad that they happened." - Sarah

"Mary provides an attuned loving presence that has helped me articulate my values and consistently operate out of that knowledge. Plus she holds loving boundaries that stop me from BS-ing myself about what really matters most in tough situations. I recommend coaching with Mary." - Marie

"It is no exaggeration to say that Mary Van Geffen has completely transformed my relationship with my toddler. Fear, frustration and anger have been replaced by hope, patience and compassion. Armed with useful parenting tools and a better understanding of myself, I am moving forward with more confidence and peace." - Becky

"Working with Mary has transformed my thinking. I used to believe something was wrong with my child and with me.  I thought biblical parenting means obedient children. I looked at my kids’ big feelings as  the problem and something to fear. Now I’m willing to try new things that cultivate emotional well-being and that those in my home feel loved and heard. I focus less on the behavior and more on staying calm." - Shannon

about your instructor:

Mary Van Geffen

Hello! I’m Mary - the international parenting coach for overwhelmed moms of strong-willed & Spicy children. 

I help parents gain confidence to choose gentle, respectful discipline especially if they weren’t raised that way. 

My day job is coaching parents over the phone on how to be more confident and connected to their children. 

My ministry, though, is on Instagram where I post encouraging parenting tips every single day. Reading my posts will help you delight in your child and remember that you are enough.

I believe that when a mom like you realizes how hard she is on herself, she cracks the door open for some self-compassion. Then her entire family is bathed in light! 

I’m a certified Simplicity Parenting Counselor® and Professional Co-Active Coach® but my greatest achievement, is cultivating a calm, kind and firm relationship with my spirited go-getter daughter (now 16), polar-opposite introverted son (14) and un-Enneagramable hubby.